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Made for Each Other
Young lawyer meets and marries girl after knowing her one day.  Takes bride home to meet his mo..
Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Together For The First Time- James Stewart- John Wayne- in the masterpiece of four-time Academy A..
Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation
Jimmy Takes A Vacation... You Have All The Fun!!! Plot Summary: Mr. Hobbs wants to spend a q..
Mr. Krueger's Christmas
Plot Summary: Willy Krueger, a lonely and aging widower, lives in a basement apartment with ..
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Capra at his greatest! Plot Summary: A naive man is appointed to fill a vacancy in the US Se..
Naked Spur
Plot Summary: A bitter Howard Kemp heads westward to the Rockies from Abilene, Kansas on the tr..
Night Passage
This was the night when the naked fury of the McLaines flamed out with consuming vengeance across a ..
Philadelphia Story
Uncle Leo's bedtime story for you older tots!  The things they do among te playful righ- Oh,..
Rear Window
Plot Summary: A wheelchair bound photographer spies on his neighbours from his apartment window..
The guest who's dead on time. Plot Summary: Two young men strangle their "inferior" classmat..
Two Mighty Armies Trampled Its Valley.  A Fighting Family Challenged Them Both! Plot Summary..
Spirit of St. Louis
The Story Behind the Story of Lindbergh's Incredible Flight to Paris! Plot Summary: Biography of ..
Stratton Story
James Stewart- June Allyson, In The True Romance of The Year Plot Summary: Star major league..
The Far Country
Plot Summary: A self-minded adventurer (Jeff Webster) locks horns with a crooked lawman (Mr...
The Glenn Miller Story
It was a time that changed the world.  And one man put it to music. Plot Summary: The b..
The Man From Laramie
Mysterious Will Lockhart delivers supplies to storekeeper Barbara Waggoman at Coronado, an isolated ..